Sea for Yourself

Dana Lynne. seventeen. somewhere in the pacific.

just another way to keep track of all the days and count all the blessings

In love with this

what do you think this is? form spring?
by Anonymous

HAHAH, saved the best for last ;)

i think i see you running in the valley sometimes, do you live there?
by Anonymous

valley girl born an raised! but that’s odd… i didn’t think any other kids lived back here 

what do you want for christmas??
by Anonymous

you know I really hate when someone finally asks me this……….and, I stutter 

is your boyfriend from the northshore?
by Anonymous

what… why are there so many questions on this subject. who are you. go  away. and what boyfriend

Are you from Australia? your pictures are so fresh!
by Anonymous

haha im quite flattered! but no i was only there during summer, it was beautiful tho. thank you 

your pictures are amazing. oh my goodness!

Aw, thank you! 


Is your facebook album of crocodile rock named after the elton john song? and are you in aus right now?! your pictures are amazing by the way xx
by Anonymous

how did you know? no im not, i’m just slow at uploading things. but thanks lovey!